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LUMINARY (The Georgian Star) is an enormous celestial agate sphere that people can discover using their mobile phones and extended reality. Accessible for the duration of Splore Festival (23 - 25th February), the geo located ephemeral sculpture including sound levitates over the ocean front at Ashby beach overlooking the Firth of Thames. Luminary XR, inspired by ancient origins, connects earth, sky, sea and cosmos. 


Luminary XR (The Georgian Star), 2024

Rakia Gorge Agate (Canterbury), Uranus, sound (source NASA), atmoshpere, extended reality

LUMINARY’S form originates from ancient chalcedony stone formed and found in Aotearoa New Zealand, an agate which is a type of quartz comprised of microscopic crystals. These precious formations take shape over the course of about fifty million years. Luminary XR is inspired by and codified also to the planetary body Uranus which was named after the ancient Greek deity of the Heavens, the earliest supreme God. 


Interestingly scientists have found gemstones inside meteorites on earth which they calculate are from planetary bodies as old as the beginning of the universe.  

The sphere is a universal symbol of eternity, timelessness, wholeness, unity, the cycles of life, the feminine, the divine and the self.

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