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Luminary I Luminare in Germany

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Korschenbroich: International participation at exhibition in Liedberg

Kunsthaus Dreho, Korschenbroich (Leidberg), Germany


Aotearoa New Zealand artist Karen Sewell is invited as a featured artist to present her light installation project Luminary in a collective exhibition which includes artworks by 13 artists from 6 nations. Zum Lob der Natur, (A Celebration of Nature) is a community exhibition, designed as a ‘festival of the senses’ to raise awareness of climate protection. The exhibition involves the support and participation of crafts-people world-wide (from a global call out) who have contributed hand-made elements towards it’s creation.

Press release 31.01.23

From Down Under to Liedberg

Even a New Zealander comes to the Festival of the Senses


Liedberg - The Liedberg artist Gabriela Drees-Holz wants to raise awareness for climate protection with a joint exhibition. Her call to send crocheted butterflies met with a great response. The target of 2000 has been met.


Liedberg artist Gabriela Drees-Holz is planning a community exhibition that has met with a great response.

Photo: Rick, Markus (rick)/Markus Rick (rick)

By Angela Wilms-Adrians


The living room at Kunsthaus Dreho is fuller than ever before. Here, artist Gabriela Drees-Holz is collecting objects as puzzle pieces for the upcoming exhibition in the garden and interior of Kunsthaus Dreho. A festival of the senses is planned, which - supported by scents - is to raise awareness for climate protection.

The content of the project is linked to the installations Rescue Nest and Noah's Ark, which Drees-Holz showed at various locations in 2022. In reference to the biblical theme of Noah's Ark, this time the artist from Liedberg is relying on the participation of many people. They are asked to crochet butterflies that will "buzz around" handmade flowers in the "rescue nest". An appeal for help met with a great response, so that the target of 2000 crocheted insects seems achievable. One lady sent 110 crocheted animals and ten euros for flower seeds.

Boxes even arrived from Venezuela and New Zealand. Drees-Holz likes to use international artists in collective exhibitions. This will also be the case in May. Under the impression of the Ukraine war, a German living in Hungary felted a peace carpet from handmade pieces sent to her from all over the world. The carpet will be shown for the first time in Liedberg. Artist Karen Sewell plans to fly in from New Zealand for her light installation. The core themes of rescue nest, carpet and light installation will be complemented by art from the fields of acrylic, watercolour, Ebru and Lego art. The Mönchengladbach artist Ora Avital will show wire art works on the theme of butterflies. Members of the artist group "Der blaue Rheydter" will also participate.

"My brief is not to show any dramas or the raised finger. I want to stage a song of praise to nature and a celebration of the senses to raise awareness in this way," says Drees-Holz. Many of the actors will be joined by primary school and day-care children from the historic centre of the village.

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