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Abstraxt Abstraxt NorthART Gallery

A survey show of women artists working with abstraction in Aotearoa

7 May - 6 July, 2024

Celestial Numinance, Malcolm Smith Gallery, Uxbridge, Howick

Nov 2024 - Feb 2025

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Luminary II (Betelgeuse), 2024 

Te Tara-o-te-Ika-a-Māui Coromandel quartz, Betelgeuse, handmade dorodango, sound (source NASA), atmoshpere, extended reality technology [30m x 30m x 50m]


Luminary II XR is a virtual sculpture that stands as a testament to Karen Sewell's fascination with the celestial and terrestrial realms, challenging traditional artistic expressions and inviting viewers on a transcendent journey into the cosmic expanse. Representing years of exploration and experimentation, this future-facing artwork aims to provoke dialogue and reflection in an era marked by technological advancement and environmental uncertainty. Through its imposing presence and timeless symbolism, Luminary II XR urges viewers to renegotiate their relationship with the universe and their role as stewards of the Earth. It represents a convergence of artistic vision, technological innovation, and spiritual inquiry, aimed to inspire awe and reverence for the interconnectedness of all life forms and the eternal beauty of the cosmos.

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