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Numinous Spheres 

 Karen Sewell

Numinous Spheres explores contemporary connections between art and spiritual experience through relationships between geometry, abstraction, colour, light and space.

The installation activates the gallery space with an invitation for viewers to experience the  numinous through a geometric encounter with forms intended to suggest the cosmos, the transcendent and the unknown.

The concept of the numinous speaks to the spheres of our experience which cannot be quantified, explained or contained, our intuition, our feeling-states, connection to the cosmos – and for some, a sense of the divine. 

The sphere or circle is the primary geometric symbol in this exhibition and relates to sacred geometries which have long and layered histories. Galileo described sacred geometries as ‘the language of the universe’. They exist in nature, architectural structures and art across cultures. Harmonics are related to the planets and their distance from both one another and the sun: ‘the music of the spheres’. It is a universal symbol and can represent wholeness, totality, the self, life and its cycles, eternity and the infinite.

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