Awakenings I


Awakenings I speaks of the unknowable and unfathomable spiritual, mystery and beauty of natural phenomena and acts as a threshold into the terrain of the numinous. ‘Numinous’ speaks of our connection to the cosmos and sense of the divine.  A large levitating partially concealed object of uncertain substance radiates dancing, shifting fields of colour and light that change as a viewer moves around and under it.   Awakenings I offers an immediate and potentially sustained encounter.  As artwork and sanctuary, it is created as a temporary hierotopic space, (a project establishing a medium of communication between the mundane and the sacred.  Awakenings I is offered as a sanctuary for rest, contemplation and creativity.  An effort to draw viewer/participants into the terrain of the numinous, with the potential to open up ambiguous moments of encounter with the unknown.

Karen Sewell